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Clean Gutters
Call before the weather turns cold. We are very busy in the Fall. Clean gutters now, before they
begin to freeze.
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Clogged Roof Drains

Clogged roof drains can cause a lot of damage. Draining water begins to back up, causing ponding
on the roof. This leads to two problems.
First, it increases the hyperbolic pressure. The deeper the ponding the higher the pressure. As a
result, it can force its way through crevices that it otherwise would not.
Second, and worse yet, standing water actually rots many roof surfaces. Most people are surprised
to learn this. Roofing material such as torch down modified bitumen, and hot tar roofs are loaded
with organic material. The only materials within these two products that don't rot are the oils. Over
time, the oils within these materials begins to dry, enabling moisture to penetrate the organic
material. Visit roofrepairofmichigan.com/roof-drains.html for more information.
Damage from clogged roof drains is the easiest problem to resolve. Guttercleaning.info comes out
and removes the debris. We can even come out on a scheduled basis to assure buildup does not
occur. For some customers we monitor weather conditions, and schedule based on predictable
issues. In the fall, when leaves are falling, we come out frequently. During the summer, when clog
issues are less likely, we come out less frequently.
Sometimes the clog is located deep within the drain. We are experienced at handling that also. We
have both hydro jets, and slow moving mechanical snakes to remove most clogs. If the clog is a
physical object, we have the experience for dealing with a variety of items.
Close up of roof drain debris.
Image of a clogged drain.
Here is a desparate need for roof repair of drain.
This man is cleaning a commercial gutter using a lift.
Commercial Gutter Cleaning

We are capable of handling any size gutter cleaning project. Most commercial gutter cleanings do
not require aerial lifts. But, if they do, we have the experience to handle any location.
Often, commercial gutters are high and far from being easy to visually observe. They are routinely
neglected for long periods of time. We frequently find commercial gutters that are completely
clogged with mini trees growing in them. Their distance from the human eye makes these problems
hard to detect from the ground.
Clogged roof drains.