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Clean Gutters
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Ice Dams

Clogged gutters can contribute to ice dams. Debris within a gutter combines with ice on cold days.
When there is slight warming from the sun, or above freezing days, the ice within the gutter is
partially insulated by the debris, and thus fails to thaw. When your gutters fail to take advantage of
warming periods, ice never melts, and continues to build up until it starts rising above the gutters top
edge, and then up the roof.
Other factors leading to ice dams

Loss of heat from your attic space, and poor ventilation, preventing that heat from escaping the attic,
are the two main causes of ice dams. If you resolve these two issues, you will more than likely resolve
your ice dam issue.
You should have soffit vents installed along the horizontal area between the gutter and inner wall. It
should be a continuous 2 inch vent, or an 8 by 12 inch vent installed every 6 feet.
The peak of your gable roof should have ridge vent installed along all horizontal ridges. People with
hip roofs often do not have enough horizontal space for adequate ridge venting, so they are best to
install can vents (mushroom vents). The best can vent are those rated as bird proof. Vents with bird
nests in them become ineffective.
The most efficient way of preventing ice dams it to make sure your attic has sufficient insulation. The
recommended amount in Michigan is R49. You will not only resolve ice damming issues, but you will
save money on heating bills.
The average older home is in need of additional blown in insulation. You should expect to pay 1
dollar per square foot. Do not over pay. Companies that do nothing but insulation are your best bet.
They will be the best at what they do. Companies that advertise as being the jack of all trades are
rarely good at any of them. Their costs also are higher because they become less efficient. Look in
the yellow pages under insulation contractors.
This is an image of roof ice buildup creating an ice dam.
Picture of ice dam and icycles.
Remove snow and ice from roof before a repair is needed from a dam.
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